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With essential oils, find the line!

The “orange peel” affects on average 90% of women. A phenomenon which is not area, because that one is overweight or not, sporty or sedentary, there are almost no cut. The reasons are essentially hormone: estrogen promotes fat accumulation, while progesterone cause a water retention problem.

Getting rid of cellulite is not easy However, essential oils are a simple, natural and effective to capitulate cellulite. Lipophilic (soluble in fat), they have a direct interaction with adipose tissue, destocking saturated adipocytes. They will therefore act quickly and thoroughly. An advantage over pharmaceutical cosmetics that usually creamy, have more of a surface action.

In the evening to relax, soak in a slimming bath !

Pour into water at 37 °:

10 drops of lemon essential oil,

5 drops of cypress,

Mixed with a tablespoon milk or neutral bath base.

This exciting recipe will boost circulation and firm the skin.

Just have to simmer in your bath for about twenty minutes as your body quenches its benefits.

As for the massage every night is essential, most every morning after the shower is even better! It reduces cellulite and significantly smoothen the skin, unblocking skin mattress, and boosting microcirculation.

Massage the rebel areas with a mixture of:

4 drops of essential oil of rosemary camphor

5 drops of ylang ylang

10 drops of vegetable oil arnica or neutral massage oil.

Essential oils have a dual effect on cellulite. First, they rapidly penetrate the subcutaneous layers, promoting lymphatic circulation. Then they act in the longer term on adipocytes.

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