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Exam stress and Aromatherapy

The month of June is synonymous with holidays approaching but for many it must first go through the end of year exams box. We may be well prepared, having worked all year and revised extensively in the final stretch, stress and insomnia are often emerge.

Between revisions exams and fear of failure, they are 45% (according to an Ipsos study meteostress July 2008) to suffer from hyper-anxiety. A state that is accompanied by a procession of inconvenience: sleep problems (55%), fatigue (49%) and irritability (46%).

Stage fright is even more evident before the event (especially when it comes to oral examinations), with physical and psychological manifestations recognizable of all: increased heart rate, low blood pressure, stomach ache , nausea, tingling in the hands, memory loss, difficulty concentrating

Here are some essential oils that can help you detendreet find restful sleep before the exams, but also throughout the year if you are suffering from stress, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Needless to darken the picture because if the “positive” stress need to boost intellectual, the “bad” can also manage very well.

 Aromatherapy is a medication that can naturally recover its serenity.

Prepare for ultra-relaxing bath based real lavender, star of essential oils anti-stress!

Mix 10 drops of essential oil of true lavender and 5 drops of ylang ylang in 1 base plug neutral bath.

Relax good 20 minutes, enjoy this relaxing bath to relax your muscles and breathe calmly as possible, dry yourself well without rinse and go to bed!

No bath?

Here are 2 express anti-stress actions:

Breathe deeply 3 drops of Marjoram gardens pure applied on the inside of the wrists;

Or you massage the solar plexus (between the breastbone and the navel) and arch with 2 pure essential oil drops of Petit Grain Bitter Orange .

Details of some essential oils that we particularly recommend:

The essential oil of lavender true

Calming, relaxing, this is the ideal essential oil for sleep disorders. In atmospheric diffusion (1/4 hour before bedtime) or a few drops on your pillow or a handkerchief, it helps to sleep and promotes restful sleep. His familiar scent rental in Provence has an immediate calming effect!

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