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Detoxify YOUR LIVER with essential oils

There is not so long, our grandparents had a habit of cleaning their attics background loft twice a year. They also took the opportunity to polish up their livers with depuratives of the time. As they had reason to do it!

Indeed, as the liver gland affects blood circulation and energy security and tone.

To catch up, it is good to prepare a synergy of essential oils 100% pure and natural that have the ability to drain the excretory organs and stimulate liver function.

Three essential oils to drain the liver

Little known they will help us to drain the liver and purify the body through all their particular molecular composition based on phthalides.

These essential oils are the cultivated carrot (daucus carota), the celery (apium graveolens) and lovage (levisticum officinale).

In addition, use the rosemary verbenone (careful to choose rosemary essential oil because there are several possible chemotypes). Rosemary gets rid of impurities.

Finally, the lemon (Citrus limon) is a valuable ally because it drains as his liver, although less efficiently than essential oils mentioned above, but it also stimulates the liver functions and protects this precious organ.

In terms of energy, it is also good to know that the liver is the emotional seat of anger. When one is angry all red and we could not express it or manage it properly, it is possible that the liver being affected.

In this vein, good numbers of naturopathic doctors assume that serious diseases (cancers) have a close relationship with the liver. A good preventive strategy is to preserve it and maintain it regularly.

Easy synergy to prepare and take every morning for a month in winter and spring

  • 2 drops on a little honey or a spoonful of vegetable sesame oil.
  • 4 ml of essential oil chemotyped (CTEO) lemon, mixed with rosemary verbenone 1ml (CTEO also).

You will see during this cure the vital energy of your entire body will be revitalized, and it’s always good to take in case of seasonal change!

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